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Great result for Hannah today

Congratulations to Hannah on her well deserved pass today.

Both Hannah and her school friend Jo wanted to pass their tests' before leaving for University this weekend. Not only did they achieve their dream, but they are also going to the same University.

I am certain that if both of you apply yourselves to your studies as you have with your driving, then both of you will do very well.

Vodka shots tonight I hear, in celebration.


First time pass for Jo, well done.

Congratulations go to Jo on her success today at Telford.

Well Done.



Laura's Jack Daniels Day

I had promised Laura that when she passed her Test, then I would buy her a bottle of her favourite tipple, Jack Daniels.

As the day came ever closer we refered to it jokingly as her, Jack Daniels Day.

Today was her Jack Daniels Day.smiley

Congratulations. Ade

Jack Daniels with flowers and a big, big smile

                                                                              Why the flowers, well, I'm also a big softee blush



Congratulations to Dan today

A great drive today produced the result that Dan wanted. Dan took a weeks intensive booster course, then with hard work and determination he achieved his well deserved success.



Test pass before downpour

Congratulations are in order for Sacha on passing her Driving Test at Stafford today.

This was inspite of the weather trying to put a damper on things; no more than an hour later Stafford was treated to a prolonged torrential downpour which caused localised flooding.


Congratulations to Sacha       No more L plates

2 + 1 = 3 in 1


Two + One = Three first time passes in one week.

Following on from Reuben's and Adam's successes earlier this week, congratulations also go to Tim today on his first time pass.







Two 1st time passes on the same day

Congratulations to Reuben and Adam on their well deserved passes today.

Both passed on the same day,

Both passed on their first attempts

Both had the same driving examiner,

Both had the same low number of driver faults

and the sun decided to put in an appearance.

Great Day.





Latest test success in Stafford



Congratulations to Nicolle this morning. Even a miserable rainy day and roadworks didn't manage to spoil your ambition to obtain a full licence.          Again very well done.



Test success before total gridlock in Stafford

Great result for Mitch today on his first time pass, however Lady Luck played a major part. If Mitch's test had been scheduled any later than 12.38pm, then the gridlock in and around Stafford caused by a lorry fire on the M6 would almost certainly have resulted in a 'no test.'



Champagne & Balloons



Many congratulations to Janicke on her test pass at Telford.Celebration

Janicke's mum had set up Champagne and Balloons in the test centre car park before Janicke had returned from her test.

Both your mum and myself knew that you would be successful today. Well Done.