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I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Adrian.

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Champagne & Balloons



Many congratulations to Janicke on her test pass at Telford.Celebration

Janicke's mum had set up Champagne and Balloons in the test centre car park before Janicke had returned from her test.

Both your mum and myself knew that you would be successful today. Well Done.



Celebrating 16 Passes In Row



Congratulations to all my pupils who have passed recently, achieving 16 test passes in a row, with 15 of those at the first attempt.



Two 1st time passes in one week

Congratulations to Hannah and Martin on their top class first time passes. 

Hannah was scheduled to take her test the previous week, however it was cancelled at the last moment, her Examiner fell and broke an ankle walking across the Test Centre car park. Wishing Amanda a speedy recovery and also many thanks to the DSA personnel for rearranging Hannah an early Test slot.