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Adrian is a very patient and thorough driving instructor, he takes time to really explain things in a very clear way and gets you to think for yourself...

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Ist time pass for Joe in Telford

Although I haven't presented anyone for Test in nearly 3 months, Joe was eager not to disappoint.

And he didn't, gaining yet another first time pass with a very good exhibition of driving.

Congratulations and safe driving for the future.

Well Done



Chris, another first timer



Congratulations go to Chris following a near perfect drive at Cannock today.

Well Done





Lauren's 1st time pass in new car

Congratulations to Lauren on passing her Test at Stafford today 

 Lauren's drive was of a very high standard on her first test.

First to pass in my new tuition vehicle as well.

Well done.

thank you for the card, box of chocolates and bottle of wine, it is very much appreciated.  Ade.



Two passes on the same day


Congratulations to Bradley on his first time pass in Stafford today


Rose also took a share of the spoils with a well deserved pass in Cannock





Robert, another 1st timer

A great drive and a 1st time success for Robert today in Stafford

Robert decided not to tell anyone that he was taking his Driving Test today.

I wonder how he broke the good news to his Family?



New Car due on the 17th May

I will be having a brand new tuition car on the 17th May.

It will be the same model as the current one. 



Ist time pass for Amber

Congratulations to Amber on joining the 1st time pass club with another near perfect drive at Telford today.



Congratulations also go to RB for passing first time. Well done.




1st time success for Sarah

Congratulations go to Sarah on her almost faultless drive in Stafford today.

Another member of the first time club.smiley

 Well done and safe driving for the future.





Congratulations go to Harriet

Harriet was so happy today on passing her driving test at Stafford today.

Top of her wish list I believe, is a new car!

Hope your wish comes true.

Again well done.


7 pupils celebrating 1st time passes



Congratulations go to J.P. and James on their first time passes.


Congratulations also go to Joe for his first time pass in Telford.


Double celebrations go to Reegan and Ella on passing their tests' first attempt on the same day in Stafford.


Following on, congratulations also go to Ashley at Cannock, again another first timer


Congratulations go to Neil having passed his Test 1st time today at Stafford