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I've been very happy with Adrian's instruction and thoroughly enjoyed learning with him: his teaching style is exceptional...


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Nathan's pass in Stafford

Congratulations go to Nathan on his pass in Stafford today. 

Although you said that you couldn't believe it, I can assure you that it's the real deal.

All that hard work paid off, and well deserved.








Phoebe's 1st time pass in Stafford

Congratulations go to Phoebe on her 1st time pass in Stafford.


When Phoebe started training with me at the start of the year, she told me that she hoped to be passed by Christmas. 

I told her that she would be passed well before the Summer holidays, and I'm sure that she thought I was joking.

Well Christmas has been moved to 23rd May this year just for you.laugh

Well done.

Becky's 1st time pass in Stafford

What a brilliant day for Becky, congratulations on your pass at Stafford on your 1st attempt.

Well done.

1st time pass for Jonathan

Congratulations and well done to Jonathan on his 1st time success in Stafford today


300 passes

Today was a double celebration.

As well as Jack passing his test Adrian Tenan Driving Instruction also achieved 

a total of 300 passes.


Ist time pass for Jack

Congratulations go to Jack on his 1st time pass in Stafford today.

Well Done.



1st time pass for Joe

Congratulations go to Joe on his 1st time pass at Stafford.

A great birthday present , well done.

Safe driving for the future.

1st time pass for Jonathon



Congratulations go to Jonathon on his 1st time success at Stafford today.

Well Done.





New car arrived on the 22nd Dec



Just in time for the start of Christmas Week, a brand new Ford Focus Titanium.

Can't beat that for a Christmas Present!



Molly passes her Test in Stafford

Congratulations and best wishes go to Molly on her fine pass in Stafford today.

That's more than can be said for the weather, it was terrible, but relented for the duration of her Test.

I know that you still can't believe it, but take a while to relish the moment, you deserve it. 

Well done.