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Adrian is a really great instructor, everything is very cleared and well explained and he has no problem explaining things further if you need it.

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1st time pass for Joe

Congratulations go to Joe on his 1st time pass at Stafford.

A great birthday present , well done.

Safe driving for the future.

1st time pass for Jonathon



Congratulations go to Jonathon on his 1st time success at Stafford today.

Well Done.





New car arrived on the 22nd Dec



Just in time for the start of Christmas Week, a brand new Ford Focus Titanium.

Can't beat that for a Christmas Present!



Molly passes her Test in Stafford

Congratulations and best wishes go to Molly on her fine pass in Stafford today.

That's more than can be said for the weather, it was terrible, but relented for the duration of her Test.

I know that you still can't believe it, but take a while to relish the moment, you deserve it. 

Well done.




Don's 1st time pass in Cannock

Don proved that with a positive attitude and skill, that anyone can achieve their dream.

Although slightly nervous, not even the appalling weather could stop Don attaining his first time pass.

Comment from the Driving Examiner '' a lovely smooth drive''.

Congratulations and well done.



1st time pass for Saskia

An excellent drive for Saskia today at Stafford and

another first timer, congratulations and well done.



A 1st time pass for Hassan

A well deserved pass, following a quality drive in Stafford today.

I promised that the rain would stop before Hassan took his test, and so it did right on cue.

Congratulations and safe driving for the future.


1st time pass for Charlie at Cannock

Congratulations go to Charlie on gaining a 1st time pass at Cannock.

Even a black cat that sat in the middle of the road and wouldn't budge didn't phase Charlie.

Well done ( no more moped rides to work at 5.30am) 

1st time pass for Emma at Telford

Congratulations go to Emma following a great drive today.

Another member of the 1st time pass club.

Well done.

First time pass for Abigail

Congratulations go to Abi on her first time pass in Stafford today.