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Adrian is a punctual instructor, he was always on time and fitted the lessons around my timetable. He is adaptable and friendly.

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Jay's 1st time pass

Jay became another member of the 1st time pass club today.

All that hard work paid off with a technically excellent drive.

Congratulations and well done. 

Motorway  lessons next.


Sam's 1st time pass

Well done and congratulations to Sam on his 1st time pass in Stafford.

Driving to work in comfort rather than riding and getting wet was one of Sam's main aims.


James' 1st time pass

Again congratulations are in order for James on passing his test in Stafford at his 1st attempt.


The hard part will be sharing the car with his mum, it would seem.

Happy Days, well done.


Emma's 1st time pass


Congratulation to Emma for a brilliant drive today.

Emma invited me to sit in and observe her Test, and it was a pleasure to do so, virtually faultless.

Well done.

Thanks also go to Emma's parents who assisted with private practice.

Chloe's 1st time pass

It's official, you are amazing !

Nothing more to say really, except congratulations on your  great drive today

Enjoy, well done.

Ellie's 1st time pass



Well done and well deserved congratulations go to Ellie Butler with her 1st time pass in Stafford today.

New car for you to drive as well, great day.


2 More Theory Passes



Congratulations to Kiran & Emma who have passed their Theory Tests' this week




4 Theory Test passes


Congratulations to 

Toby, Seena, Charlie and Scott

all of whom passed their Theory Tests' in the last 10 days.

Very well done to all 


Success for Cameron



Great drive and congratulations on passing your driving test today.

Very well done.





1st time pass for Matthew



Congratulations go to Matthew on his 1st time pass in Stafford.,

A smooth, near perfect drive. Well Done.