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Testimonials - independently vetted

Adrian is without question the best instructor around. Without his guidance and expertise I would of still been a learner.


(Messages and txts will be answered promptly if I cannot pick up)


Bridie, another member of the 1st time pass club


Great drive from Bridie to secure her 1st time pass.

Nerves, the V Festival traffic and of course the first rain in ages couldn't knock Bridie off her stride.

Well deserved and congratulations.


Scott joins the 1st time pass club

Well done to Scott on his 1st time success today.

It may not have happened however, as Scott was travelling from Stoke to Stafford by train to take his Test

and there happened to be delays in the Stone area due to a Signals fault.

Scott managed to arrive in time to do a warm up drive and the rest is history.




Rachel's 1st time pass


Many, many congratulations are in order for Rachel 

Her smile gives the game away

A well deserved 1st time pass at Stafford today.

Well Done.



A near clean sheet for Matt



A near clean sheet for Matthew on his 1st attempt today at Stafford.

Already a tractor driver Matt promised to give me a few pointers on how to tow trailers.

Looking forward to the Motorway lessons.

Well done and congratulations

Safe Driving. Ade


Independence Day for Tim

Congratulations and celebrations for Tim's Independence Day today

Very well done indeed.


Zach's 1st time pass


Another 1st time pass, and this time it was Zach's turn.

Those nerves disappeared the moment you sat in the car,

congratulations and well done.

Safe driving. 

(The sunny weather that I had ordered the day before, duly arrived on time)



Ross, and his 1st time pass

Again congratulations go to another 1st time pass.

Ross was overjoyed with his drive and of course the result.

Hadn't really thought about the car that he would buy once passed, but now some serious thought may be?

Well done and a deserved final result.

Safe driving and all the best.


Hadley's 1st time Pass


Congratulations go to Hadley on his 1st time pass in Stafford today.


Very well done and safe driving for the future



Sam's 1st time pass

Congratulations also go to Sam for making it four in a row 1st time passes in Stafford today.

The examiner commented that ''it was a nice drive''.

The Sun even put in an appearance as if in agreement. 

Well done.





Congratulations to A.S. on a 1st time pass


Well done to A.S. today on achieving a 1st time pass in Stafford

Again another top quality performance.

Looking forward to the Motorway Lesson.